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What can I sell?

All component level product, such as: semiconductors, programmables, memory, CPU, passives, connectors and electro-mechanicals. There is resale value in hard drives and certain board and system level products. You should not sell components that contain valuable or confidential intellectual pro- perties. These maybe suitable for scrap value/reclaim.

What can I expect for a return?

You can expect to receive 5 to 15%, of your original cost, from an out-right purchase. Consignment and 3PL solutions can return 50 to 80%.

What will the Market Analysis tell me?

The appraisal will give you an overview of the worldwide supply chain. Is the market saturated with your type of components? What other market segments would utilize your components? Are they on long lead time? Have they gone obsolete or on end-of-life notice? Are they RoHS 5 or 6 compliant, and how does it effect their value? Our detailed analysis will allow us to estimate the potential revenue for individual devices.

I do not have the resources available to work on excess inventory.

We can send a team to pull, pack, and ship the material, under your direction. All you have to do is identify your surplus assets and Evergreen will handle the logistics.

What do I need to do?

You need to create a comprehensive list of your excess inventory. We request that you provide (by line item); quantity, manufacturer's name, manufacturer's part number and date codes. Then review our market analysis, and work with us to develop the optimum solution(s) to handle your surplus assets.

How long will it take?

An out right purchase of your excess can be wrapped up in a day or two. Consignment solutions take longer, but the expected return is much greater. Typically it takes 60 days to begin to see a return, and the largest share of revenue can be expected in the first 9 to 10 months.