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Who is Evergreen?

Evergreen is an independent distributor who will buy back electronic components, even if we didn't supply them. Our team of solution providers have over 40 years of combined experience in managing surplus assets. We have the people, technology, product knowledge and access to global customers to achieve maximum return of investment to your company.

What is the difference?

Evergreen offers you a safe and confidential entry into the gray market, a segment of the supply chain that few OEMs or CEMs fully understand or trust.

The traditional broker business model is to: buy low & sell high. As a means to reduce their costs & risks - broker transactions usually happen back-to-back, as they do not hold stock.

If, in the past, you have sold excess / surplus inventory to a broker, you probably realized a 5 to 10% return on the components original cost. Additional you may have experienced the "cherry pick" syndrome. Brokers are notorious for selling off the high demand items from your excess inventory, and leaving you the slower moving product. Our consignment programs typically return 40 to 60%, and are designed to handle all your surplus materials.