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Keep it

We provide logistic support for your end-of-life and last time buy electronic components + products. We offer 3PL inventory programs that focus on the specific needs of an OEM to CEM relationship, as well as trade-in programs

Your Problem

You have reviewed your inventory and found the unavoidable - obsolete components, end-of-life buys, slow moving parts and mis-forcasted quantities. How do you avoid the carrying costs of this idle inventory? Who do you get to manage this excess inventory?

At Evergreen we are dedicated to helping you resolve your excess inventory problems. Together we can what to keep, what to scrap, and how to sell it.

Scrap it

We work with you to determine what revenue can be generated from scrap. Our team is experienced with the ever fluxtuating precious & commodity metals market place.

Sell it

Evergreen can offer you an outright purchase of your excess, or you can select a customized consignment program. We develop solutions around your business objectives, and on your timetable. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the highest return on your inventory.